Preserve Your Memories

If your home were to sustain catastrophic damage from a storm or fire, what would you miss most? Usually, it’s the irreplaceable items that cause the most heartache.  It can be devastating to lose family treasures such as videos or photos that tell your life story.  If lost, how will you relish the memories or pass that precious information down to future generations?

Archiving and organizing photos is a task that often falls to the back burner because it’s tedious and time consuming. Many people collect and store photo books in boxes the place them out of sight in musty attics or basements.  When the time comes to blow off the dust and look through years gone by, it can be disheartening to see the condition of your precious memories.

Have you ever dusted off the books for a few hours only to feel frustrated with the overwhelming task of organizing?  Then decide to close the box for another 5 – 10 years?  You’re not alone!  In our everyday, busy lives, it’s hard to allocate time to do this and where do you start?

Organizing and preserving your photos can protect you against a devastating loss should unfortunate circumstances occur.  Digitization is a great solution but if you lack the experience, it can be difficult.

Do you have photos that are old, yellow and cracked? These types of photos tend to stay in those attic boxes. Restoring them is a great solution so you can be proud to share beautiful memories or display them in your home.

If you’re interested in preserving your priceless family videos or images, Contact me today to see how PDA Films can assist. I look forward to hearing from you!